Human brains just aren't capable of processing and storing every little thing that happens to a person during their lifetime, so the minutiae of working out the expense account for example, fades into the background almost immediately and only the most monumental of facts and images remain. Logically we know that anything is possible, but we rarely expect anything outside the realm of the ordinary to occur. When it does, we remember. This website is dedicated to all things monumental - events, places, people, objects, buildings, achievements, and more, because though anything is possible, it's worth noting when it happens.

Not very many people will achieve or witness anything truly monumental, in a global historical sense. Instead, our memories of the monumental things that happened in other places to other people will be tied to our own recollections of what we were doing when the event occurred. Everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing when the Twin Towers came down or when the astronauts from Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Perhaps you were in a dentist office watching it all unfold on TV. This doesn't happen with normal memories of the mundanely of our ordinary lives.

That's not to say there's nothing in the average person's life that feels monumental, because monumental is relative. We remember our greatest and worst days very clearly - the day your first child was born, the day you were fired, the day your spouse asked for your hand in marriage - these are all important to us, even if they don't matter in the grand scheme of history and society. We believe these moments are worth noting too, and we'll outline some of the things the average person remembers in our articles.

As time goes on, the monumental things that are the foundation upon which our society is built are forgotten by most of the populace. Do you know the names of Egypt's pharaohs? Can you name the seven wonders of the ancient world? Are you aware of history's most influential names? With everyday cares like picking out an outfit and picking up the kids eating up all our spare time, there's not much left over for serious reading. Not to worry, you're not doomed to remain ill-informed forever. We can help. We've got articles on all the monumental events, people, and places that you've missed.

Sometimes pinpointing the times and locations of monumental events and discoveries is tricky because we're not always aware of what their effects will bring in the future. You may be driving along listening to the driver's chatter and hear the birth of the idea that will become the next great Canadian novel. You never know, that's why we believe in documenting our own lives as thoroughly as possible for future generations. One of the biggest events in your life will be purchasing your first home for example, an event you will likely remember forever! Making sure that you have a real estate agent that is knowledgeable in current market trends is essential. Do your research before hiring a local real estate agent as well as an electrician to ensure this experience and very easy and painless one for you.

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