Whenever most persons hear the words annual vacation, they automatically think of having to spend a lot of money to do so but that is not always the case. One can easily plan an economic vacation that would be lots of fun. As you go flipping through those sale flyers, think of ways that you can economize in order to have some fun.

It does not take very much to create a memorable event. A moment that could involve a special place, a person, or an event. It could be anything from the day that you took your kids to a local water park and one of your kids fell and broke their arm to the day that he graduated from high school.

It is so easy to bring back memorable occasions and tie or associate them to others. You can have a memorable moment of your own that took place at the same time that something much bigger was going on in the world. You could be sitting and waiting and your mind could take you back to the day that you heard the news about Michael Jackson's death. Or how about the day that you had just bought your first car and it was the same day that your team won the Stanley Cup!

True it is that in today's world it is hard for many of us to stop just for a moment to think and remember but you know what? Why not arrange things around a bit and use stressful moments to become creative and innovative? How about this: You are hustling in to a yoga class before going home to the family and you need to squeeze this in. As you are lying on your yoga mat, use the free moment to come up with a special meal plan for the family.

Maybe you can go out of your way to create a special memory the next time you are on vacation. How about this? Take the family to look at cottages or lakefront homes and at the end of the day you announce to the family that you have decided to purchase one of them. Your family will now have its own vacation destination and you will all be able to visit time and time again making new memories along the way.

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