If you are careful and cautious when it comes to managing your money, you should not have too much difficulty living in comfort but if you are careless and wayward, then here is where the problems will lie. For those of you who have saved enough to buy a condo, it is a good start but you now have to keep up your commitment to save enough for retirement.

Of course, there are other things that you can do in order to enrich your life. How about the simple stuff; like remembering some of the best and greatest moments in your life? Like the time you treated yourself to taking one of those luxurious airport taxi Toronto limos to the airport to kickstart an unforgettable vacation abroad?

Sometimes, it is an event that enables you to bring back precious memories. For example, the day you signed your first mortgage to signify taking possession of your very first home. You'll never forget this because it was the home where your twins were born.

Sometimes, precious memories could be innocently sparked as you drive along admiring some familiar part of town. Like the time you decided to ask for help to find your dream home, and your wish came true. This particular memory was sparked when you and the family recently took a drive around your old neighborhood.

There is no telling when a memory would come marching into your mind. It could come as you listen to a song or at the time of a particular event. It could come as easily through the inhaling of a particular fragrance. Or it could come while you are busily working on your next project. Seeing something from decades past may easily put you right back into that time of your life - remember what it was like driving your Dad's GTO Judge?

Memories come and memories go. Some of them stay for a while and others linger on for more than just a wile. Some are fleeting wile others are larger than life. Some are pleasant while others are not. Some are loving while others are disappointing. More often than not, we do not really have control over which memory pops into our minds at any given time.

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