At the best of times, we all need a bit of exercise to keep us going. To help pump up our energy, lower our stress levels, and recharge our batteries. This is what a architect in Toronto would need after a very long day at work.

Sometimes, it really does not hurt for us to take time and travel down memory lane. If we could only find the time to just sit back and allow our memories to do the rest. How much joy we could get out of remembering those hockey games, those lazy bike rides and family picnics or and a gentle sunset in the Caribbean.

It is often so much fun for us to tie memories to certain events, especially if these memories are cherished ones. For an Father it may be a memory of his kid's first steps on the same day that the Blue Jays won the World Series in 1993. Or it may be a memory of the opening day of the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver because it was the first day of a brand new job.

Memories come in all shapes and sizes. They matter most to the ones who cherish and hold on to them. They don't necessarily have to play an important part in anyone else's life. As long as you cherish them it is all that matters. A cherished memory could be one of meeting your horse for the first time or it could be one of receiving your degree on Convocation Day.

Memories can last for ever. You can have different ways to store them. First, you can retain them in your mind but if you want to make sure that you keep them for ever, then there are always the good old fashioned ways. Through photos tucked safely away in boxes. Or on digital medium on your hard drive. On DVDs, USB flash drives, and on videos. Always find time to enjoy your memories. Most of them will be good ones but chances are that there will always be some sad ones as well. This can't be helped so you'll just have to endure the good with the bad.

So keep on creating and enjoying your memories. Take time to recall them and have fun with those that mean the most to you.

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