After a long period of being signed up for a job search and not getting any bites on your resume, you were no doubt relived when you finally landed a job. You thought that was all you wanted and you could now be happy forever, but now you find yourself chafing. You want a raise, a better title. You want to move up in the world. But it seems like your stuck in your current position. Can you break the cycle? Yes! Use these tips to get noticed and increase your chances of promotion.

Take Pride

The people who get noticed and promoted by their bosses are the people who seem like they actually want to be there. If you think that working for Canadian mortgage companies is dry and boring and you daydream about lounging on the beach, it will show in your work and in your attitude. So shape up. Learn to take pride in the job you do. Smile. Show up to work on time and get your assignments done without slacking or having to be prodded.

Go Above and Beyond

There are certain things you can do that will really convince your boss that you're ready for a promotion, and one of them is to prove that you can handle moving up a step. To do so, you'll need to go beyond your usual tasks and responsibilities. Ask your boss to give you more responsibility, to let you supervise a small project, or to give you work a little beyond your level. Then exceed his or her expectations by doing a stellar job of it.

Do Away With Modesty

If you want to get noticed, you're going to have to do away with the archaic notion of modesty. Modest people would say that their whole team was responsible for the ad campaign, even if no one else did any work, but that modest person will not get noticed. Your boss is not psychic. He or she can't tell that you went above and beyond in your work unless you tell him or her. Don't brag, just tell the truth.


Your boss cannot suggest you for a promotion if he or she doesn't know your name. In fact, if he doesn't know who you are, you aren't getting a promotion. So make sure to cultivate relationships with people that can help you career. You don't need to suck up or to ask for favors right away, just get to know them like fellow human beings and it can pay off later.

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