There are many people out there who believe in the supernatural - probably more than you realize, because people tend not to talk about things that frighten them. One of the scariest manifestations of the supernatural is the premonition - that advance warning about things that are about to happen. Whether it's that your condo is about to be sold or that your sister is going to get married, it's unsettling to think you know the future. Learn more about premonitions here.

A premonition is also known as future sight or second sight and is a type of extrasensory perception that allows those gifted with it to know or guess what it going to happen in the future using information that was not gathered by any of their five senses. Premonitions are not accepted by science - nor by many regular people who have not seen them in action - and are much likely to be accepted by people who use naturopathic medicine or who accept other types of ESP. Most premonitions are of danger and can be considered warnings.

Premonitions can come to people in a variety of different ways, but one of the most popular is through dreams. Dreams occur in a curious, surreal state, so it is not a stretch for many people to believe they might be able to see the future in their dreams. Interpreting premonitions received through dreams is often as difficult as interpreting abstract art, however, because of the very surreal and insubstantial aspect of dreams as well as the fact that most people don't remember them well upon waking.

Other popularly reported methods of divining the future include having visions (or waking dreams), experiencing deja vu or a sequence of events that seems like you've seen it before, and feelings of warning or foreboding that influence decision making. A person may also go to a palm reader, Tarot reader, or crystal ball reader hoping to gain insight into their own future. However, telling the future on demand has never been proven through testing and most readers tell only what they think their clients want to hear.

While many people dismiss the concept of premonitions out of hand, others are more open to the possibility that a scientific explanation may exist for cases in which people seemingly know what is going to happen before it does. One theory is that the subconscious mind picks up on clues our conscious mind does not and informs us through feelings that the direction we're about to take is likely to end in disaster. Other types of premonition can perhaps be explained by good people reading skills and excellent guesswork.

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